Cyrtostachys renda “Lipstick Palm - Delight Form”

Cyrtostachys renda - Lipstick Palm - Delight Form

The bright red crownshafts and leaf sheaths of this palm make it an outstanding addition to any tropical garden. 'Delight Form' is able to handle cooler conditions than the pure form and has a better chance of thriving in sub tropical environments. It's an amazing palm to have on display whether in the garden or in a pot.

Please Note: 'Delight Form' is not guaranteed to grow in all conditions. It is a tropical palm that can handle cooler climates over the pure form but will still require additional care. Its best to choose a warm sheltered spot if considering planting in the garden. Some growers prefer to keep them in pots and move indoors during winter. It will take a bit of experimenting to determine the best place for your palm. Our suggestion is to experiment and have fun with it. 

 Full sun/Indoors 

Height: 6m in ideal conditions

Supplied Height:
300mm approx 1m tall above the pot
50ltr approx 1.6m to 1.8m tall above the pot

Note: It's not all about the height. When opting for a larger plant, you are selecting a plant that is overall more advanced and mature than the smaller size. The root ball is more established therefore supporting quicker growth.

The supplied height above is a guide. We strive hard to supply the best value plants and will generally, where possible, supply above the standard supplied heights. Occasionally due to seasonal variation and demand will need to supply standard height plants.

Pot Size