Backhousia citriodora - Lemon Myrtle

Backhousia citriodora - Lemon Myrtle

The 'Backhousia citriodora' or lemon myrtle is a native plant to south-east Queensland. The bushfood plant is sometimes referred to as the "Queen of the lemon herbs". The oil of the plant has been used for thousand of years by Indigenous Australians for healing purposes and in food. 

The hardy plant with a dense, lemon scented foliage produces clusters of little white fluffy flowers. Ideal as a fragrant hedge or for screening. 

Position: Full sun, part shade

Grows to Height: 3m - 8m

We strive hard to supply the best value plants and will generally, where possible, supply above the standard supplied heights. Occasionally due to seasonal variation and demand will need to supply standard height plants.


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