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Callistemon ‘Tangerine’

Callistemon ‘Tangerine Dream’

Callistemon 'Tangerine Dream' is a captivating cultivar esteemed for its brilliant and vibrant tangerine-colored flowers. Originating from Australia, this evergreen shrub features dense, bushy foliage adorned with cylindrical spikes of fiery orange blooms resembling traditional bottle brushes. The 'Tangerine Dream' variety is esteemed for its profuse flowering and compact growth habit, making it an ideal choice for hedges, borders, or as a focal point in garden landscapes. Moreover, its nectar-rich flowers attract birds and pollinators, infusing the garden with life and movement. With its adaptability to various soil types and resilience to drought, Callistemon 'Tangerine Dream' is a popular and eye-catching addition to gardens and landscapes, bringing a vibrant splash of colour and Australian charm to outdoor spaces.

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