Jacaranda mimosifolia alba - White Grafted

Jacaranda mimosifolia alba - White Grafted

This beautiful deciduous tree, originating from South America, is renowned for its stunning white flowers that bloom in abundance during the summer season. The glossy green leaves provide a beautiful contrast with the white flowers, making it a real showstopper. Jacaranda is a fast-growing tree and is an excellent choice for large gardens, parks, or even street plantings. This grafted variety ensures that the tree grows with vigorous strength, consistent flowering performance, and a sturdy growth habit. 

Position: Full sun to part shade

Grows to Height: 10m to 15m

Note: It's not all about the height. When opting for a larger plant, you are selecting a plant that is overall more advanced and mature than the smaller size. The root ball is more established therefore supporting quicker growth.

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